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About Me
Hello there! My name is Krusher69 I have been top 500 since Season 1 and top 100 since Season 3 by playing pharah I am offering coaching for pharah.
$40 per hour
    English, Français
Main Heroes

*This coaching program is exclusively for Pharah*

Hello there! My name is Krusher69.

I have been top 500 since Season 1 and top 100 since Season 3 while playing Pharah for the most part.

I am currently specifically coaching Pharah.

My program is accessible from bronze to Grand Master players and will be adjusted for each individual. Its primary goal is to increase your competitive win rate and consistency while playing Pharah.

Program core

  • General hero mechanics
  • Positioning
  • Developing map awareness and game sense
  • Identifying your threats and the correct way to deal with them
  • Perfectioning your concussive blast. (Understanding why Pharah’s concussive blast is one the most crucial tool and how it can be used to outplay your enemies.
  • Decision making (Identifying the right moment for you to commit to a trade)

Advanced coaching (Accessible with VODs and 2 Hour +)

  • I review your in-game VOD with you to pin point your mistakes.(This is currently the best method for coaching)
  • I follow up your growth as a player.
  • I Duo Queue with you not for the SR gain but to understand why on the current situation, I’m committing to a fight and the calls I make at that exact situation

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