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About Me
Hello My name is Tsu If u want to improve anything just ask me (*''▽'') Region : South East Asia GMT+7
$30 per hour
Main Heroes
Genji Tracer Soldier: 76 Mei Zarya

"Ask me anything you want to know and i'll Answer (*''▽'')"

I'm DPS - Flex main 

I can teach u about what should do to deal with things 

I Things I can help you

-Improve Your Aiming

(I played MMORPG,Leveling/Killing monster LOL before play Overwatch but I've decent aim :D Everyone can have good aim I thing)

-Gaining ultimate / When should you use it /Is it worth it or not 

-Tricks about specific heroes and some new playstyle 

-How I rank up fast 

-Position This is very important :D 

-Some basic Mercy tips 

Another method that's very effective is give me your VDO of your game play and let's see what you could improve in the game 

what did you've done and give u good/bad 

Ps.My English is not that good


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