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About Me
From Overwatch World Cup and Pro Tournaments to Competitive Matchmaking I will share my vast experience with you.
$40 per hour
United States
Main Heroes
Pharah Tracer Sombra Mei Junkrat Lúcio

Current Package/Promotion: 1 week coaching, buy 6 hours and get an extra hour at the end of the week! This extra hour will include a full and detailed evaluation. A table where your aim, game sense, movement and more get evaluated from 1 to 10. It will also include a detailed file with my thoughts on what you should improve. During this week, I will answer any questions and support you when Im available, even outside the coaching sessions!

Advantages of this package:

  • Get 1 extra session for buying 6 hours and benefit from a really detailed final evaluation at the end of the week.
  • I will coach you through the week, the sessions need to be scheduled but I will be available to help you outside of the sessions, just poke me in our coaching chat whenever you need quick tips or have questions and I will get to you! :D
  • Get the most complete coaching experience you can find, I will be with you everyday or when you are available. I will follow your progress daily and help you reach your goals.


The essentials of Overwatch 

  1. Learn with a Pro how to overcome most difficulties during matches
  2. Improve your Aiming and Map awareness 
  3. Get to know the tricks we use to climb.
  4. Understand how ultimates and abilities should be used and when.
  5. I will work with you to fix what you are doing wrong and to find what heroes and playstyle are more suited for you
  6. Post-coaching follow-up, I will always write and give you a detailed set of notes and topics specific to your case. You can keep and use it after our coaching session is over.

Advanced Coaching

  1. Watch your own POV with me, together we can locate your problems (This is known as the best method to improve, the POV should be recorded by you before our session starts)
  2. Play with me (Duo q), you will be able to hear my calls "Live" work with me in multiple combos and get a taste how professional players perform in a match.
  3. Analyze with me other Pros POV playing your favorite heroes
  4. Understand in depth how higher level players "think" the game.

Group/Team Coaching

  1. Bring your friends and family and join me in an amusing overwatch group coaching session. Not only you can learn secret tricks and essential mechanics of the game but also your whole group can ask me any question about the game during the session.
  2. Directed to amateur/semi-professional teams, more than a coach I will be your analyst! You will get a detailed set of notes after each scrim/practise and all my commitment and discretion.


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