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About Me
Hello, I'm Meow and my role as a coach is to explain how you can climb the ladder by achieving your full potential on the hero that fits you!
$40 per hour
    English, Français
Main Heroes
Genji Pharah Winston Reinhardt Ana Zarya

Hello, im Meow, I'm from Quebec and I’ve been playing Overwatch since beta. I started season 1 Rank 54 and reached the highest tiers of the game by the second season so I know what it’s like to grind through the different ranks when you finally understand what you’ve been doing wrong all along. Unlike most pros, I’ve never played CS:GO or TF2, Overwatch is my first FPS. Starting at such a low rank made me understand what people are doing wrong and how I can easily carry by taking advantage of their mistakes. I’ve been High Grandmaster ever since with a current rating of 4303 SR.

My coaching consist of a 100% individual plan adapted to your playstyle and to the heroes you play. I put a lot of work in my coaching sessions and I expect customers to take it as seriously as I do. There is no such thing as carrying without putting the effort into it.

Analysis of your profil: Heroes, Statistics, etc.

  • We discuss what we have to improve (accuracy, number of deaths, damage, etc.) And select certain aspects we want to improve.
  • We establish the right sensitivity for you. (crucial)
  • What gear you are using ( headphone set up properly to know where your enemies are.
  • We go in custom match where I explain different hero mechanics for the heroes that you play (fun part)
  • We go through a quick play together where I watch you play and briefly guide you through the game. Through this game we will analyse:
  • Positioning
  • Overall vision of the game
  • Decision making
  • Game mechanics (Cooldowns, Damage optimisation, potential combos and Ultimate management)
  • Matchup management (picking the right counter hero and understanding why)
  • Game knowledge
  • Long term exercise that will drastically help you improve your gameplay through time. (Most underestimated part, but crucial.)
  • Once we’ve analysed your first quick match we got through another session of quick play where we look over once again the mistakes you’re still doing and what we’ll improve once again.
  • Once we feel you're ready for ranks, you play and send me a replay of your game (lose/win) doesn't matter.


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