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About Me
There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
$39.99 per hour
Main Heroes
Doomfist Hanzo McCree Widowmaker Tracer Zenyatta

Discord: Lars#3981 - if I am offline or not responding and you would like to ask me questions, I am available here 24/7. Be sure to message me first through the website specifying your discord username so I know who you are, I do not add strangers on discord!

The following are PERSONALLY guaranteed by me if you become my student!

  • Feel a clear sense of progression through my constant feedback and guidance
  • Learn how to actually be consistent and which steps to take in order to carry your team

For your first session - you can typically expect the following:

  1. Everything about you as a player will be analyzed and I will provide you with what I believe to be the most optimal settings for you (e.g.): Mouse sensitivity - DPI - graphics settings - sound quality, volume - graphics drivers. PC equipment, mouse, keyboard and in-game custom settings.
  2. Shown a smarter way of playing your hero - this is how top tier players do it!
  3. Have a top tier player spectating and analyzing your game-play for you whether through quick-play or competitive (live-streaming) to provide you with immediate feedback and to lead you to the right path with a strong foundation.
  4. In-game theory and more will be taught in portions as to not overwhelm you and ensure you remember everything in time:
  5. Positioning - how to position yourself relative to your enemies and team in order to kill the most enemies and die the least amount of times!
  6. Ult Economy - Ultimates are Trump Cards... you will be taught when to use your ultimates and how to tell when your enemies has ultimate by their behavior or just pure intuition gained through knowledge I will have provided to you!
  7. Ability Usage - Smarter ability usage, it's more than just pure mechanical skill - you also have to play smarter!
  8. Proper Communication/In-game Leader - Most players underestimate how coordinated you can make even the worst of teams with nothing but Leadership skills and proper call outs. You can influence your game through positivity and being an in-game leader. Increasing your overall win-rate by anywhere from 5 to 10%!
  9. Long term aim practice and warm-up routines will be given. Useful for anyone no matter your SR!
  10. Duo-queue with me in competitive as I play on an account that has SR relative to yours. Let me show you why I am the coach!

Important: Any students that go through the basic lesson plan will receive more personalized and advanced coaching as I grow to know their individual strengths and weaknesses overtime. The lesson plan is actually flexible and constantly changes to suit my students' needs. The most important part about learning is understanding and it is my job as a teacher to help you in any way possible.

Duo-queue: As a coach - I have accounts spread throughout all competitive ranks. I can carry when duo-queuing with you if necessary - but my main focus will always be on you and learning will be of the uttermost importance.

About Me: A Scandinavian man from a family of teachers decided to join his family in the tradition of being a teacher and to pursue being an Overwatch Coach. Been grandmaster for a while now and here to turn you into a monster ready to devour your enemies. I specialize in DPS but I can flex into any role due to my immense amounts of in-game knowledge. I am within the top 3 when it comes to Hanzo - in addition, I also have an estimated 500 hours of time spent on Hanzo across all accounts. I peaked at Top 500 in season 4 - currently I am lying around 4200 and 4400 SR on multiple accounts every season, occasionally dipping in and out of top 500 but mostly staying in high grandmaster.


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