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About Me
4550 SR+. A pro coach that will guide your path and teach you the ways of SR-thievery.
$49.99 per hour
Main Heroes
Soldier: 76 Hanzo McCree Widowmaker Tracer Ana

4550+ SR. Can flex any role at 4400 without issues~ If you are a new and potentially interested student playing heroes that aren't included in my hero pool, worry not! Make me aware and I will study your hero beforehand, you could also even watch me live-stream as I do it! I will play your heroes at an SR that is close to yours on a different account and put myself in your exact same position on the competitive ladder, with the same options and tools. Allowing me to teach you whatever you might need to know with whichever hero, regardless of who "they" might be!

The following are PERSONALLY guaranteed by me if you become my student regardless of your SR!

  • Feel a clear sense of progression through my constant feedback and guidance
  • Learn how to actually be consistent and which steps to take in order to carry your team

For your first session - you can typically expect the following:

  1. Everything about you as a player will be analyzed and I will provide you with what I believe to be the most optimal settings for you (e.g.): Overwatch sensitivity - DPI - effective DPI- graphics settings - sound quality, volume - graphics drivers. PC equipment, mouse, keyboard and in-game custom settings. Pixel skipping, is it a good or a bad thing? Any previous experience with other games? Your PC set-up, how you hold and grip your mouse, if it has any serious long-term health implications, etcetera.
  2. Shown a smarter way of playing your hero and just the game in general - this is how top tier players do it! Shown through map exploitation, awareness and concentration techniques- expanding upon overall game comprehension, etcetera. I will be sure to blow your mind with newfound ways of playing all maps that you previously didn't even believe to be possible!
  3. A pro coach analyzing your game-play for you whether through quick-play or competitive to provide you with immediate feedback and to lead you to the right path with strong and stable basics that will benefit you in the long run for when you inevitably hit Grandmaster or peak a higher SR than you have ever been under our guidance!
  4. In-game theory and more will be taught in portions as to not overwhelm you and ensure you remember everything in time:
  5. Positioning - how to position yourself relative to your enemies and team in order to kill the most enemies and die the least amount of times!
  6. Game sense specific to Overwatch maps, basically including the following topics: flanking routes, map shortcuts, map exploitation. Good Overwatch players know each map inside out! Let me show you!
  7. Ult Economy - Ever wanted to learn the economy of ultimates in the game as if though it's the stock-market and you're a stockbroker? Well, let me help you!
  8. Ability Usage - Smarter ability usage, it's more than just pure mechanical skill - you also have to play smarter! I will explain it in a way that is easily understood and digested by my student regardless of who they might be!
  9. Proper Communication/In-game Leader - Most players underestimate how coordinated you can make even the worst of teams with nothing but Leadership skills and proper call outs. You can influence your game through positivity and being an in-game leader. Increasing your overall win-rate by anywhere from 5 to 10%!
  10. Long term aim practice and warm-up routines will be given. Useful for anyone no matter your SR!
  11. Game decision making- including overall game comprehension. As people like to say: "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". - I will cultivate your passion for learning and help you find a new way to enjoy Overwatch! After going through lots of my teachings, you yourself will eventually become a game sense specialist and be more than capable of teaching others, whether it is your friends- or even other players! Some of my students have even gone on to become coaches themselves
  12. Duo-queue with me in competitive as I play on an account that has SR relative to yours. Let me show you why I am the coach!

Important: Any students that go through the basic lesson plan will receive more personalized and advanced coaching as I grow to know their individual strengths and weaknesses overtime. The lesson plan is actually flexible and constantly changes to suit my students' needs. The most important part about learning is understanding and it is my job as a teacher to help you in any way possible.

List of heroes in an alphabetical order that I can teach you how to play in great detail, all the way from Bronze to Top 500!

  • Doomfist
  • Genji
  • McCree
  • Pharah
  • Soldier 76
  • Tracer
  • Bastion
  • Hanzo
  • Junkrat
  • Mei
  • Widowmaker
  • D.Va
  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog
  • Zarya
  • Ana
  • Lucio
  • Mercy
  • Zenyatta
  • Sombra

List of heroes in an alphabetical order that I unfortunately am not confident in teaching to players above 3500 SR right now ... However!!! If you're a student maining any of these heroes- please message me on the website and I will do my utmost to learn them for you so I can teach you how to become a better player yourself! Be sure to include current SR, career high, season high, etcetera! Be aware that if you're currently below 3500 SR, I can provide coaching to you regardless of what hero you main, and simultaneously study your hero at your SR tier and by the time you are masters, I will be more than qualified to teach you how to play your hero. I have loads of free time on my hand that I simply spend on increasing the quality of my coaching overall!

  • Winston
  • Orisa
  • Brigitte
  • Moira
  • Symmetra

Extremely detailed and additional information concerning what you can expect from a coaching session with me can be found below:

Coaching Session Topics

  • What is shown here- is not necessarily how it would realistically look- as I cater a lot of my coaching to fit my students' needs and goals, regardless of what that might entail. However, a lot of the topics will inevitably come into our sessions.

1. Flanking routes!

Select TWO maps that you'd like to study in great detail with me during our next session. We will be practicing flank routes, map exploitation- and just studying the map in great detail to see if there is anything new to find out!

2. Gameplay footage! (VOD reviews)

Game-play footage is an essential part of coaching. Overwatch encompasses more than just Mechanical skill and map exploitation. It also includes game-decision making and game-sense. Help me heighten your game-understanding for you! I will review and analyze your game-play, figuring out others ways in which you can improve, or teach you new things that will help you in situations you otherwise believed to be entirely hopeless!

Record the next 5 competitive games you play without me on your free time. And upload only ONE out of the 5 games that is the closest to meeting the following requirements to youtube:

  • You spend the majority of your time on 1-2 heroes throughout the uploaded game.
  • It is either a close-win or a close-loss. It has to be a challenging game where we see you put under pressure or being challenged.
  • 720p- 30fps minimum. Higher quality is preferred.

You have to upload one of those 5 games you record to youtube. Just make sure to upload the game that is the closest to meeting our requirements. Recommended advice for saving disk space: Feel free to delete all game-play footage saved on your PC after you're finished uploading at least one of them to youtube! I have a tool that will be used to help me analyze and review your gameplay with you, it contains a dual-synced video-player, illustration tools, as well as more customizable tools specific to Overwatch!

3. Other methods of coaching include but are not limited to:

Live-stream duo-queueing. Me, a well-established top 500 player that knows more about the hero or perhaps the game you are playing will spectate you as you livestream with no delay on youtube and whisper you key-words to remind you of certain mistakes you are making regularly and should keep in your conscious mind. Meanwhile, another GM or top 500 player will duo with you as a support and tank (if you play DPS or tank, we tend to go for support. If you main support, we tend to make the duo-queue mate go tank), intentionally not carrying but just doing enough to play with you- and sometimes challenging you out of your comfort zone, making you try new things, etc. - Requirements for Livestream duo-queueing are as follows: Had at least a few VOD reviews beforehand so we can reference past mistakes that have been brought up in several VOD reviews with a key-word through whisper as you play. With live-stream duo queue coaching, we can have talks during match times and even when waiting for the second or third round or after the game has ended.

Duo-queue coaching- to practice certain hero combinations whilst receiving excellent peeling and learning how to play aggressively. An additional option is to bring along your friends, and have us teach them how to peel for you properly and what to look out for. We can help bring up your duo-synergy with you and your friends, and explain what key moments they need to wait for typically depending on the hero you play and situation. All coaching types would require more than just one session. Coaching is a tool that is supposed to bring clarity to the murky road you are walking. We will help guide you to the right path through fun and exciting ways of coaching!

Live-stream coaching where we play a hero that you main on the same SR as you. We are free to explain why we are doing certain things, and can incessantly talk whilst playing and basically provide private educational gameplay customized and personalized for YOU. You are free to ask any questions as you watch us play your hero in ways you might never have thought of. I highly recommend asking why we do certain things you might not regularly do so you understand why. Ever heard about Kabaji's stream on Twitch? Well, we will do the exact same as Kabaji and perhaps even more- as we bring up key-words and notes specifically from our coaching together to help bring up your overall game-comprehension and understanding. We

1v1- deathmatch coaching: Fight a pro player as a pro coach spectates you and provides you with immediate advice to help improve your match-ups against certain heroes. If, for instance- you are a Tracer who has difficulties against Junkrat or McCree, we can help you face your fears and eventually conquer them!

Aim Hero Drills: Used as warm-up before playing typically. Think of Aim hero drills as a way to improve your mechanical skill, the rate of progress you can expect through aim hero drills is comparable to what you'd receive from strength training in the gym.

Picking certain topics for a coaching session- being recommended or at times even forced to learn about certain topics if seen as absolutely necessary by the coach. Examples of topics that can be brought up during a session are as follows:

  • Positioning- why, how and when? Positioning guide for dummies! Works for all across all ages and all SRs!
  • Certain maps, pathing, flank routes- escape paths, health-pack locations. Turn every single map into your little home! Be familiar with every little nook and cranny
  • Win condition denial- the playstyle that might not give you the best stats but effectively provides you with the highest win-rate. This is an extremely broad-term, but win-condition denial being a consistent play-style is something that requires extremely high game sense and in some cases, a versatile hero-pool (including more than one role, so if you main DPS- we would try to teach you how to play off-support or off-tank, etcetera) if not extremely talented with a certain hero such as Soldier 76 or Tracer which can fit into most comps.
  • Hero specific tricks- Winston butt-jump, Moira fade-jump, Doomfist roll-outs. Ana nade locations, Reinhardt fire-strike locations. Interesting ledges to stand on as Widowmaker or as Tracer.
  • Micro-goals- what goals you will reach on your way to reaching your main goal. Be ambitious and feel free to pick the SR tier next to yours or even two SR tiers above you as your goal for the time being. However, do not focus too much on your SR's numerical value! Focus rather on making small and slight improvements through every game, even if it means you sometimes take two steps back in order to just take one step forward.


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