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About Me
Hey, my name is Jack and I'm here to help you achieve your goals! I've been a Support main since season 3 and I learned my way to Top300.
$30 per hour
    English, Français
Main Heroes
Ana Mercy Moira D.Va Winston Reinhardt

-Hey, I'm Jack!

I've always played video games since I was very young and it is a passion that I want to share with others! Overwatch is my first FPS but I've played League of Legends for 6 years, so the concept of abilities in a FPS game was really interesting to me.

My method is really fun and efficient, in my coaching sessions we will go over what is really necessary for you to achieve your full potential. Step by step, you will improve with any heros that you want to play and obtain a better understanding of the game.

Here's a quick preview of what a coaching session looks like:

  • We will first talk about important settings, equipment, sensitivity. It is important to find the best setup possible for you.
  • We will talk about specific hero mechanics, cooldown management, ult usage, game mechanics, positioning, decision making, overall understanding of the game.
  • We will then go over VODs review to analyze your gameplay and find anything you can improve on. After each VOD review, you will have access to a private recording of the analysis.
  • Q&A Time! If you have ANY questions concerning specific aspects of the game.
  • Duo competitive is possible, but only after a few hours since we have a lot to work on and the goal is to find your mistakes and help you be a better player! I'm not here to carry the game, but to see how much you improved in game and coach you in live action! (After 3Hours+)

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me in the chat :)


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