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About Me
Hello, My name is Aaron. I am a Hitscan masterclass Winning S2 and finishing TOP 500 in ALL seasons.
$35 per hour
United Kingdom
Main Heroes
Soldier: 76 McCree Pharah Tracer Roadhog Zenyatta

Hello, My skills include expert positioning and hit scan marksmanship.... teaching you all you need to know about my main 6 heroes.

Winning a Season by SoloQing only i can teach you all the secrets that can turn your team mates into all-stars

In terms of experience i have been on the competitive scene since 2010 attending LANs and have generated alot of knowledge of how to work well as a team over my 7 year esports career

NOTE - Coaching to be done on WEEKENDS only but can discuss times during the week for weekend sessions


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